Monday, August 27, 2012

Sweet Potato Latke with Smoked Salmon

I had this the other night at a local restaurant and it blew my mind, I had to come home and reconstruct it.  It is pretty simple too, nothing new here, just some odd pairings that are amazing.

the Latke
the secret to a good latke I discovered is to extract all the moisture from the ingredients before you fry them.  They will get much crispier, and sister...the crisp is what makes this all that.

heres what I did.

2 large sweet potatoes grated and drained*
2 medium onions grated and drained*
3 tablespoons flour (I used Rice flour)
2 eggs lightly beaten
Salt and Pepper

* I took all the shavings and placed them in a clean dish towel then slowly twisted it over the sink till all the moisture came out.  It is amazing how much liquid there is in those babies.

mix all the ingredients together and heat up some approapriate oil
I used Grapeseed oil, because I like it.

heat it up good and hot and slide in a nicely flattened puck, don't put too many in as they need room to fry.  Then remove to paper towel to dry.

the Smoked Salmon
I purchased this from the Superstore and it comes in thin slivers and is easy to slice and roll.

Place a dollop of sour cream and some fresh dill and get ready for the most amazing flavors to get together and have babies.

The Chevre + Tomato
I bought a roll of gaot cheese and sliced it, slightly oiled it then took my creme brulee torch to it, but you could put it under the broiler too.  It gets this amazing crust on top, and the cheese becomes this most amazing soft fluffy texture.

I took some small vine tomatoes and quartered them 80% of the way through put some SP on them and drizzle some oil and balsamic vinegar on it and get ready for something amazing.

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