Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jicama Hash

This is a great Potato substitute whether you looking for low Carbs, or have a Potato intolerance but are craving the tasty dirt apples in all their breakfast glory.
Jicama is a crazy thing.
you can eat it raw, it is sweeter than a potato and is reminiscent of an apple.
if you fry it it will always have a bit of crunch to it,
so I read online that you can preboil it to get the potato softness.


grate 1/2 a Jicama
Boil it in salted water for 15 minutes.
then drain really well, and squeeze the water out of it.

in a pan fry up some sliced onions (leave them in long thin strips)
with one Jalepeno and some garlic.
thrown in some green pepper or red pepper to give it that hash flavor.
a little S+P 
toss around till soft and a little carmelized,
Toss in the Jicama, a dollop of butter,
and flip it around in a heavy bottom pan.
and you will be amazed how great they taste.

Shoot some chipotle hot sauce on there.
and you have something to eat while watching the Emmy Awards.

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