Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fresh Pasta with Pepper Sauce

This is another very quick dinner!

First take out a roasting pan and throw in cherry toms, and mushrooms.
Pour in some olive oil, balsamic, and S&P
Put in oven at 425 degrees.
Let roast while you make everything else

In a sauce pan saute some diced onions with a little butter,
pour in a few glugs of your choice of alcohol ( i used brandy)
then light a match or tip it onto the flame of a gas oven
to flambe the alcohol off and give flavour.
Then add 1/2 cup of cream, a few tablespoons of grainy
dijon mustard, and lots and lots of fresh ground peppercorn.
Let simmer until thickened, then add a few tablespoons of chevre.
Leave that simmering until the last minute.

Boil the fresh pasta, it only takes about 4 minutes.
Strain and put back in put, pour sauce over pasta, and toss to coat it all,
Then top with roasted tomatoes and mushrooms!
I served mine with a good side salad to balance out the meal.

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