Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cheddar & Refried Bean Stuff Quesadillas

Corn Tortillas Shells
1 can black beans
2 garlic cloves
olive oil
cheddar cheese

1. I made my beans first, I heated a little oil and garlic at medium high heat
and added the whole can of beans ( i strain it and rinse them well to get off excess salt etc..)
Heat them on medium heat, keep scraping them off the bottom of the pan,and keep turning them
they will start to stick. Add a little water or a little more oil if they start to look dry.
Add S&P and few good pinches of cumin.
Cook for another 4-5 min. Then take off heat and roughly mash with a potato masher until
they are a mushy good consistency. Taste and add more S&P if needed.

2. Then take a tortilla shell and put a layer of cheese and spoon on a good amount
of the beans. Top with another shell.

3. Then heat pan again with olive oil and fry on each side until cheese is melted
and shell is nice and brown on both sides.

4. Slice into triangle and top with tomato, avocado & cilantro.
I put a side of sour 
cream and green salsa on the side!

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