Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ash's Mahi Mahi

I loved Aarons mahi mahi so much the other night, I went out and bought my
own and put it into my own recipe!

You will need:
1 clove garlic
1 small chili
2 limes
mahi mahi
bok choy
brown rice
red pepper
snap peas
green onions
sesame seeds
sesame oil
rice vinegar
olive oil
tamari sauce

1. I always put my rice on first, so that its all ready by the time everything else is done.

2. Prepare your slaw first, slice thinly the red pepper, mango, green onion,
carrot and snap peas. Toss in a large bowl with sesame oil, tamari, juice of one lime,
rice vinegar, and sesame seeds. I just put splashes of each and keep
tasting it, until the flavour is strong enough for you. Then toss in a handful
of chopped cilatro

3. Pat dry the mahi mahi fillets, and salt and pepper, 
heat a frying pan, to medium high, and lightly saute in olive oil, diced garlic
the zest of 2 limes, then add diced chili, (leave seeds out unless you like
a lot of heat). After about 2 min, place the fish in the pan and fry about 2 min
on each side.

4. Take the fish out of the pan and toss in the washed bok choy, 
turn the pan up to high, and squeeze the rest of the limes in, 
and a splash of tamari, and a little water.
Let steam for a few minutes, then place the fish on top of bok choy
and cover with lid for about 4 min.

5. Plate up the slaw and the rice,
top with boy choy, then the fish,
drizzle a little of the liquid from the bottom of the pan over the
rice, then top with more chopped cilanto

6. Enjoy!

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