Thursday, February 3, 2011


This is a great rice to make as a meal, or as a side.
And for some the idea of adding Fresh Basil to fried rice might seem bizare,
but it has changed my Rice Frying life.

So has cooking rice that is cold instead of hot and steamy.
Explained later.

heres the skinny of my version of Thai Fried Pork rice
(BTW it is pork because I didn't have chicken or shrimp
it still turned out delish, but try it with chicken or shrimp)

Make about four cups of your favorite plain rice
(I like to use Jasmine for my Thai)

One thing I have found with making fried rice, is that if you can make it the day before or even hours before it is much better.  I think the reason is that when the rice is cold it fries better in the oil, it is not so mushy and has a better feel.  I just like it better.

Fry up some  Chinese dehydrated mushrooms, the sliced variety (see pantry)
in some corn oil, or vegetable oil,
these are amazing, watch the heat they can burn and get smoky,
you just want them to absorb the oil and get crispy.

once done, set aside

Take 4 cloves of garlic
one green chilli
mash up in your mortar and pestle.

pour into 4 tablesppons of hot corn oil
after 20-30 seconds Before the garlic burns and gets a bit bitter
throw in your finely sliced pork or chicken or even shrimp.
3 tablespoons of Thai fish sauce (see Pantry)
2 tablespoons of sugar
2 tablespoons of oyster sauce (chinese not thai, but amazing)
cook till almost done
add the cold rice and stir it up.
add the mushrooms
and add 1 cup fresh basil leaves

a bit more soy sauce,
when you have stirred this around in your wok and you think it is all mixed well
push it all to one side and add 3 tablespoons of oil in cleared side of wok.
add the egg and stir it around till no longer liquid,
them fold in the rice until well mixed.

plate it up and enjoy.

The basil is amazing in  the rice, and the mushrooms are so crunchy and delish.

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