Monday, November 15, 2010

Calamari with Peppadew Puree

I don't know how many people really know how delish and cheap Calamari is to make.  In Lieu of traditional seafood sauce I wanted to use a newly discovered fave the Peppadew Pepper.  While almost everybody has had calamari, Peppadews are pretty special.  I decided to make a peppadew puree to dip the calamari in and it was the perfect combination.

The other flavour trick up my sleave was to deep fry this in coconut oil.  Not everyone is aware of the healthy benefits of Coconut oil.  It is a wonder oil, you can rub it, eat it, fry it etc. and it is very healthy.  And the best thing of all is the incredible smell of deep frying anything in it.  The Calamari had the most amazing flavour form the oil.

here is the simple recipe.

Squid, cleaned and beaked, with tentacles if you can find em.
(I used frozen squid and thaw it)
Rice flour (or All purpose)
oregano, 1 teaspoon
garlic, 2 cloves minced in 1/4 cup of Olive Oil

Coconut oil (or use peanut oil if you don't have Coconut)

once the Squid is thawed, pat dry, inside the tubes as well
then marinate in some olive oil and the garlic,
be sure to get the garlic inside the tubes.

put in fridge and forget for 1/2 hour
then bring out and slice in rings.

mix the flour and oregano (1 teaspoon) with the S+P (to taste)
then dredge the rings in the mixture
and drop into the hot oil.

cook 60 seconds or so, flipping if the oil isn't' deep.

about 12 Peppadews

go to your local Metro and get some peppadews,
or order them online,
they are worth it, so original.
I purchased 12 or so from the pickle cart
and pureed them in my Bullet.
I added the vinnegar that the peppers were marinating in
add nothing else, this alone is amazing

plate it up.

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