Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chicken & Shrimp with Lime Leaf +

 This was a simple make it up as you go recipe.

lots of chopped ginger
lots of chopped garlic,
a can of coconut milk,
lots of fresh Kaffir leaves finely chopped
(get these frozen at your local asian grocer ...these are what makes the recipe
do not attempt this at home if you do not have lime leaves or Kaffir leave,
or it will taste like stuff cooked with other stuff.

chilli oil
4 scallions chopped and fried (but not browned)
I used cherry tomatoes cause I didn't have regular.
and I use peanut oil to fry it all up.

S & P
Chicken (marinated in S+P and lots of Tumeric)
a healthy dose of some good Curry powder
and Shrimp thrown in at the end.
simmer this puppy

and Vermicelli. (soaked in hot water)
I don't think it matters how you cook it with these ingredients it will end the same
you will poop your pants because it tastes so good.
I think next time I will skip the potates.

*UPDATE, ok i just had the left overs tonight,
oh my my my.  If you make this make it in advance and fridge it.
then take it out in a day or two and throw it back in the Wok.
because it is killer.

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