Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Char Grilled Octopus

This is one of my favorite apps when eating out.  So when I found frozen Octopie at my local grocery I had to try it.  I found this great recipe online.

1 package Octopus (if frozen unthaw)
a couple of wine corks
1 cup white wine
a lemon
olive oil + garlic

1. Put the thawed octopus in a ziplock bag and beat the crap out of it. (You need to tenderize it real good) One Italian site I went to said they double bag theres and put it in the washing machine on a spin cycle....regardless you need to beat it real good

2. Put the octo in a pot and add one cup wine and add water till the octo is covered, squeeze the lemon and add the wine corks (I don't get the cork thing either, but they swear by it)

3. Bring to a boil then cover and turn it down to a lower simmer till the octto is fork tender.

4. let it cool in the pot, then dry it and roll in olive oil and garlic

Then grill it on some hot charcoals for 10-15 minutes.  plate it up and gross your wife and daughter out as you and your son eat a plate of tentacles.

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