Thursday, September 23, 2010


stuff you need:
1 can of baby clams
olive oil
4 cloves of garlic
wine wine
parmesan cheese
bay leaves
small onion
red pepper flakes

stuff you do:
chop up an onion
heat up a couple of circles of Olive Oil,
drop in a dollop of butter to make flavor babies with the Olive Oil,
when butter has said "I do" throw in the onions
fry till translucent, then add minced garlic

simmer fofr 3-4 minutes
add 1/2 cup white wine,
then the whole can of clam juice included
add a teaspoon of basil and oregano and S+P
Salt to taste through because the clams are a bit salty anyhoo
simmer till it renders down by 1/2
throw in a couple shakes of red pepper flakes

boil up some Gluten free Corn or rice spaghetti noodles
then pour in the sauce 
plate it up and sprinkle some fresh parmesan on top
say your prayers cause your gonna need forgiveness after you says what your thinking....
yes it is veddy good.

*trying to eat dairy free as oft as I can, I was surprised to know that Parmesan and butter have very low if only trace elements of lactose in them.  Score one for the good guys.

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